Alan Olav Walker (formerly DJ Walkzz) — Norwegian DJ and music producer.


Alan born 24th August 1997 in UK, he granted a dual citizenship (British and Norwegian), because of parental origin. In the age of 2 his family moved to Norway, but later to Britain again. He was interested in computers, later it turned in programming and graphic design. One day he tired of mainstream music and start looking for new music in YouTube. He find a channel called DJ Ness and became interested how to do similar music by yourself. Alan start to watch his tutorials and learnt how to make EDM. In free time Alan made a new tracks for YouTube. When he released a song, called Fade, record label NoCopyrightSounds find him and he made some songs for them, his popularity grown, then he leaved the label. In 2014 he recieved a phone call from Gunnar Greve, who met Alan's festival poster in Norway, get his phone number from event administrator and wanted to became his producer, Alan agreed. To symbolise and create a unity of his community he start to wear a black balaclava and hoodie. Later they remade a "Fade", that became "Faded", music was changed and vocals was added. When song was released in 2015, it fast became popular and he get many music awards.